Who We Are

Business Management Factory (BMF) is a Business Management Consultancy company specialized in Big Data, Data Science, Data Engineering committed to help our clients to gain competitive advantages in areas such as

  • Insurance Risk
  • Consumer Marketing Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Customer Insight
  • Category Management
  • Retail Measurement
  • Trend Analysis and so on…

The list can go on with many other items and the paragraph can get longer and longer with a lot of story telling but we don’t wanna waste your time, you get the idea…

What We Do


In the Lab our Field Officers and our Analysts are working to collect the requested data with absolute zero margin of error. We understand that the minor mistakes in data collection can lead to wrong marketing efforts or misleaded investments for our clients.

In The Lab, we begin every data adventure with deep curiosity along with a healthy dose of sceptisism.

The Power House

“The House” is an Advisory Board consisting of young managers of the leading Industries and service companies of Turkey with academic experience and try to discuss and comment on issues on the horizon. “The Hub” organise seminars and workshops with experts of multiple industries and academics from various disciplines and institutions.


“The Hub” is literally a hub between our clients from various industries and experts on related industries and academia worldwide. Through our industry partner Columbia University Data Science Institute and their industry affiliates such as Cisco, Booze Allen Hamilton, Unilever, General Electric, Microsoft Research, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg and the like.

The Lab focuses on business challenges rather than research methods.

We do not interpret lack of evidence on a certain inclination as a proof to contrary.

We do not draw illogical causalities based on corrolations.

We do not only concentrate on statistical significanse but try to seek sparklers and insights which our clients can really benefit from.

With the help of our expert marketers we provide more than only research papers.

Additionally, our partnership with Columbia University Data Science Institute enables us to deal with sophisticated challenges in areas such as cybersecurity, health analytics, smart cities and like…

In short, The Lab does not only deal with numbers but provides you with business solutions customized to your needs and smart actionable plans deriven from competitive analysis.

• Consumer marketing
• Consumer Segmentation
• Category management; Shelf Share,
• Retail Measurement
• Point of Sale Segmantations
• Geomarketing
• Media Meauserent
• Marketing Campaigns Optimization

• User Experience
• Netnography
• Trend Analysis
• Neuroscience
• New Customers Segmentation
• Customers Behaviour pattern discovery
• Predictive Risk scoring
• Customer Churn Analysis
• Point-of-sale Analysis
• Trade Surveillance

Industry Partner

The Data Science Institute at Columbia University is training the next generation of data scientists and developing innovative technology to serve society. With nearly 200-affilated faculty working in a wide range of disciplines, the Institute seeks to foster collaboration in advancing techniques to gather and interpret data, and to address the urgent problems facing society. The Institute works closely with industry to bring promising ideas to market.

BMF’s partnership with Columbia DSI is one of a kind. BMF as a business management consultancy company in a growing economy with unlimited business challenges feels responsible towards our clients in delivering the latest trends and methods in the industry. Columbia DSI is a huge asset for us in keeping us to our promises. BMF feels very exclusive for being able to share the “experience” and being powered by the DSI.
Our affiliated faculty are based in 10 schools at Columbia:


Address: Aykut Barka Cad. İzmirli Villaları No:12 Tarabya – Sarıyer/İSTANBUL

e-mail: info@bmfist.com